BREAKING NEWS :Affected with superstition a man cut his one hand and offered to Goddess Kali at Gauripur panchayat under Singheshwar...Curfew like scene arose in Madhepura following 'Total Band' by the Farmers association of Madhepura....The VC of B.N.Mandal University performed 'Bhoomi Pujan' on new acquired 100 acres land for construction of New building.

मधेपुरा टाइम्स हिन्दी में

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Remembering Mother Teresa

It was probably 1985 or 1986, when University of Delhi had conferred Honorary Degree on Mother Teresa. I was in the Students Union from Kirori Mal College and had the opportunity to be present for the occasion. I was a little hesitant to go as there was a dress code.for the function. My friend Sanjeev Mishra gave me his tie and coaxed me to go. Finally, I witnessed the function, which otherwise I would have certainly regretted. We posed for photograph with her ( I am still trying to get a copy of it)and took her autograph on the brochure for the Convocation at Sir Shankar Lal
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IN THE EYE OF A STORM-Special article on Late B.P.Mandal Anniversary

As the report compiled by Bindeshwari Prasad Mandal a decade ago, on ways and means to improve the lot of the backward castes and classes continues to rock the country, few, if any, remember the other contributions of the one-time Chief Minister of Bihar to the state and country.
Here, his grandson Suraj Yadav profiles his crusading grandfather and the compulsions which drove him to become a champion of the downtrodden.
For nearly ten years two successive Congress governments sat over the Second Backward Classes commission report submitted under the chairmanship of B.P. Mandal, and the intelligentsia, the press, the champions of merit and others conveniently closed their eyes to its existence.
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Superstition took one hand of a devotee

19th june 2010 : It was an unusual event for this district when a devotee of Goddess Kali cut his left hand with his own right hand and submitted as an 'offering'.This story of Santosh Kumar shook the educated and scientific society.A poor betal shopper of Gauripur (Singheshwar), Santosh, frustrated with his poverty left no stone unturned to manage to revive his sinking shop,But no one came forward to help him.Finally,he believed only God could help him in managing his plight.He began to worship 'Maa Kali' and to satisfy her with his honest worship,finally offered his hand as 'chadhawa'.Doctors said now he would have to survive with his one one safe hand.But this story left one question to ponder over whether superstition may finally be eradicated from the Indian Society?
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5 years more service after retirement-case lodged

14th June 2010 : A bizarre case in which a police employee remained continued in government service even after his date of retirement has startled the people of Madhepura.The superintendent of police has ordered to file an F.I.R. against S.I. Ramnarayan Singh who managed his service 4 years and half more by showing a fake birth certificate,but the matter was exposed when his so-called certificate came under scrutiny by the Bihar School Examination board and it was found his date of birth was another as per he must have been retired about 5 years ago.A case has been filed against accused S.I. under section 409, 420, 466, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code and the proceeding has also been started as he withdrew the excess amount in lakhs of rupees under payment head for exactly 4 years and half extra.
It is certain that this comes under very serious offense for a government servant whether he is in service or retire.It is expected that he must be punished severely if found guilty.
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Government failure rocks the boat

10th June 2010: District administration Madhepura had hired 462 boats in during Koshi flood disaster.Out of these 282 boats were returned to the boatmen.Rest 180 were traceless.On boat fare also arose a dispute.In Vaishali district the per day rent was entered in log book as Rs 340 for Madhepura but the Madhepura district administration agreed to pay the amount not more than Rs. 38 only per day.Aggrieved by this decision the boat owners knocked the door of High Court.On the direction of Hon'ble court a probe has been started under the then Additional Collector Rajendra Ram where it has been found that 180 boats was till then traceless.On further inquiry 65 more boats were recovered from different parts of the district and 25 other was found in ruined state.Rest 100 boats are still traceless.
The moot point is whether district administration would pay compensation to the owner of the lost boats and fair fare to the all boatmen to maintain her credibility?
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Farmars' agitation creates a 'curfew' in Madhepura

09th June 2010 : Farmers of Madhepura district headed under Professor Chandrashekhar Yadav and CPI leader Pramod Prabhakar united here in district headquarter and called 'Madhepura Band'(closure) today.The 'Band' was totally successful.All shops excluding medicine were targeted to close.They were protesting against the ill policy of present government.They said that 90% of the population of district are depended on agriculture but government is not extending the hand of co-operation to them like irrigation,electricity,fertilizer and other aids facility.They also threatened the present government that if she doesn't raise appropriate steps to solve the problems of farmers,they would dethrone the government soon.
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